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About Buchanan Drive Digital by Geoff Martyn

I have been involved in web development since the early 90s, when many people took their first few steps online. One of my first jobs was for Prestel On-line, one of the first UK online service providers. My job back in 1996 was to man the phones and help customers connect using their ‘state-of-the-art’ PCs, often through the very phone line they were calling on. The hours were long, but a perk of the job meant that you were online with your own modem all of that time. Although the information was limited, there was still a lot to learn and via a Netscape browser and a selection of websites, I managed to build a few pages in HTML and even started to work on some Javascript, both of which are still around today.

My next job was for Scottish Mutual and Abbey National Financial Asset Managers on St. Vincent Street in Glasgow. Their team at the time consisted mainly of CICS, Cobol and DB2 developers without much web experience. So I was drafted in as the ‘web guy’, a nickname that seems to have stuck ever since. That was in 1999 and over the years I managed to become more of a fully fledged web developer undertaking various roles within the software development department.

Fast forward to 2006 and I took voluntary redundancy, as I was looking to go beyond the limits of my current full-time position. Although I was essentially out of the 9-5, I managed to build up a decent client base and found myself in demand for web consultancy roles. One of which was for the online clothing company, Red Torpedo whom I have worked with ever since.

As I was freelance and working under my own steam, it made sense to broaden my horizons beyond a small handful of clients and around 2013, I moved into an office on Albion Street in Glasgow alongside Liddell Thomson and Spreng & Co. (now merged to form Spreng Thomson), and also Graven. This expanded my client base substantially and around the same time, I moved into the provision of website Hosting and Care Plans, Social Media Management, Training and Search Engine Optimisation.

I love working closely with clients to achieve their goals and objectives and look forward to hearing all about your latest project.

Drop me a line and let me know how I can help you succeed.