This is our FAQ or ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ list. We update it as often as possible so you can find the answers to most of your questions right off the bat.

The cost of anything you buy is relative to a number of factors – and websites are no different. For example, there’s the time it takes to talk about your site, plan the pages and the content, provide a design for sign-off – perhaps going back and forth a few times to make sure it’s just right. Then we have the build or development time, where we go away and work our magic and finally we test your new site extensively to make sure it works on the myriad of devices available to your customers. Once your site is copied over to the live server, we also make sure everything runs smoothly and any bugs are squished – pronto!

The price we quote for your site will depend on the number of pages, type of features (eCommerce, Contact Forms, dynamic content etc), design requirements, content gathering and a number of other factors, including how quickly you need your site to be live.

If you’re really looking for a ballpark figure, we have built websites for between £2000 and £20,000+. Unless you’ve have visions of being the next Jeff Bezos or Mark Zuckerberg, then your site will probably fall somewhere to the left of centre on that scale!