There are times when you just need to get something done. Perhaps it’s a holding page for your new website, or a fix for an existing problem. These tasks are often required ASAP or yesterday and you just need to know they’re being taken care of, because you’re busy running your business.

At Buchanan Drive we’re no different. We’re really good at our job and as a result, we’re always busy.

If we’re in the middle of a site development or a proposal for a new client, we can’t just drop everything on the basis that you may give us new business at some point in the not-too-distant future.

That’s where our ‘Time-Blocks’ come in.

They’re discounted blocks of priority development time which you can purchase in advance, and covers exactly this kind of scenario. They have the following benefits:

  • Discounted rates – the more hours you pre-purchase, the more you save
  • Quick turnaround – paying for your hours in advance means that you get closer to the front of the queue
  • Multi-Purpose – you can use your hours for anything from consultations to meetings, SEO, fixes, Social Media Management and more
  • Good for one year – your hours can be used in small or large chunks for a whole year. If you need more (and you probably will), you can purchase more at any time
  • Reports – we give you a full breakdown of how your time has been used and will provide estimates based on your additional requirements so you know where you stand

All rates are subject to VAT.

30 Hours – discounted to £40 p/h = £1,200
20 Hours – discounted to £50 p/h = £1,000
10 Hours – discounted to £60 p/h = £600

Time-Blocks and retainer fees have a base-rate of £70 + VAT p/h

A few terms and conditions:

  1. Time: All jobs are broken into half-hourly slots. This is what we report on and how we estimate our time.
  2. Detail: All jobs are tracked and detailed in a monthly report.
  3. Turnaround Time: We will do our best to get your job dealt with as soon as possible within the limits of our current workload.
  4. Expiry: Good for 12 months – each time-block is valid for up to 12 months from the date of purchase.
  5. Payment: All time-blocks must be paid in full before work can commence
  6. Extra Hours If you are reaching the end of your time-block, you can purchase up to 5 hours at the same rate to complete the job. If the job requires more time than this, we will recommend a new block of hours.
  7. Tight Deadlines: If your job is urgent and requires an immediate turnaround (within 24 hours or less), this will attract a 50% loading fee. For pre-paid hours, this means that you will be charged an extra 50% on top of the hours you use for this job. If you have any remaining hours, they will remain at the pre-purchased rate. This fee loading is to allow us to organise extra resources.
  8. Exclusions: Pre-purchase of time-blocks does not include the costs of premium plugins, hosting, software licences, printing or stock photography.