Website design is the glue that holds your site together, but if it’s sub-standard it can also cause it to fall apart. At Buchanan Drive, we have a passion for design and will work tirelessly to get your message across in the most elegant and effective way possible.

Sharp focus

We always put ourselves in the shoes of your customers and build simple sites optimised first for mobile and tablets and then finally for the desktop. Your audience needs to be able to find the information they’re looking for quickly, whether that’s a phone number, an email address or the price of your latest product. Thinking ahead and asking, ‘will it work on mobile’ allows us to streamline the design process while keeping a sharp focus on your customers’ requirements.

Key information

Design is so much more than choosing the right photo for your background, although that helps! It’s also about making sure your key information is prominent on the page, that your message gets across and that each page is consistent throughout your site. Proper use of space, font sizes and line-height also helps to better position your message.

On a journey

The backbone of any website is the navigation. It’s the framework your customers will use to get from page to page and it’s very much a part of the design process. Over-complicated navigation can lead to confusion and a site that is bloated and difficult to maintain. Whether we’re designing your site from scratch or giving your existing website a long-overdue refresh, we’ll design a strong foundation on which you can build.

If this sounds like your way of working, tell us about your new project using our website worksheet form and we’ll start the ball rolling!